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Our Conservation Projects:

Whilst we have many different conservation and restoration projects, the aim of Carna Conservation Initiative is to conserve, restore and sustain a healthy biosphere or “wholesphere”. We believe that all life on the planet and all the systems involved are interconnected and interdependent. By biosphere or “wholescape” we mean the atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere. In other words the air, land and sea. We believe that every action has reactions, some we expect but many we are not expecting. For instance, we might think it’s great (it is) to clear forestry monocultures of non native conifers but do we know the effects of run off into the sea from mass deforestation?

Although for many years Carna has been farmed it has become unviable and the island last had permanent (human) residents nearly 30 years ago. Carna nows relies on tourism, but as we know, tourism is a double edged sword. It provides much needed income in economically fragile communities but that income is low paid and often casual work. When handled badly, or not at all the effect on the environment is devastating. Human impact can overwhelm the natural environment. In many parts of the world different methods of “destination management” are in action. Our aim is to design a model of environmentally beneficial tourism that is capable of providing year round employment in varied spheres.

To achieve our aim Carna Conservation Initiative has an integrated approach, working to collaborate closely with partner organisations both geographically locally and on a wider national scale. We are committed to a sustainable future and our latest project “Carna Hope Week” is closely affiliated with Mission Blue’s Argyll Hope Spot. Loch Sunart and the local marine protected area have been designated as the U.K.’s only “Hope Spot“.