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The Milward-Towers Era

The Isle of Carna is family-owned and family-run but we are fortunate to benefit from a wide-ranging team of passionate people who help look after the island, the island wildlife, the regeneration and conservation projects. We are also passionate about making the island part of the local community and the local community part of the island heritage.

We welcome the wider community and the involvement of groups, schools, colleges and universities.

The Family

The island has been owned by the Milward-Towers families since 1881 when it was purchased by the current generation’s great-great grandfather Canon Horace Newton. With the Canon’s only son, also called Horace, tragically killed during the First World War the island was passed down through the family in a zig-zag fashion, each generation sharing in a deep passion for this special place. Today the island is stewarded by a new generation of the family after a long and successful tenure led by Tim Milward. It’s an exciting time for the family and the island as we get to work on maintaining and improving the island for future generations, progressing the conservation work and improving the island’s benefit to the local economy and community.