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Marine Protection

Marine Protection

Looking after what lies beneath

Being an island Carna is surrounded by the sea. As well as working to conserve, protect and enhance the terrestial flora and faune we, here in Carna Conservation Initiative, have a resposibility to protect and enhance the underwater environment.

The coastal waters around the island have recently been designated as “Loch Sunart Marine Protected Area” (MPA) to benefit the precious marine habitats found within it and its iconic sea life. We will work with others in the community at all levels and interests to make sure we collectively use the sea in a way that is sustainable both for the marine life and the people who depend on it.

But we will also do everything we can on the Isle of Carna itself to benefit our aquatic wildlife and reduce the human impact as much as possible. This will involve:

  • Creating riparian buffer strips around the islands watercourses to protect them and provide a corridor for the otters and other species they support.
  • Reducing diffuse pollution from the island by creating natural reed beds
  • Undertaking annual shoreline clean ups for tidal debris
  • Creating new wildlife ponds to support a variety of aquatic and bird species.
  • Monitoring the new Loch Sunart Marine Protected Area (MPA) with other stakeholders including CAOLAS

Diving Loch Sunart and Loch Teacuis

The waters around the island provide a rich and diverse diving experience. We have dive air refills at our base at Laga easily accessed by the island boat from Carna.

We also welcome divers who are trained and part of Seasearch. Follow this link for Seasearch West of Scotland’s latest dive report. Carna 2018 Report by Owen Paisley, Seasearch west coordinator.

The waters of the Argyll coast have been awarded the UK’s only Mission Blue “Argyll Hope Spot“. Listen to Mission Blue’s founder Dr Susan Earle talking about our beautiful coastal waters. Find out more about Mission Blue here.

Look here to see the results of Nature Scotland’s marine survey in Loch Sunart 2006

Looking north from Carna shoreline